original hand-painted wheatpastes, acrylic on paper. some with bonded glitter.


the black madonna. denver, co

free spirit. portland, or


luminous gingham skull. new york, ny

apotropaic skulls. brooklyn, ny

veiled lady. brooklyn, ny


healer with force field. denver, co

renegade bitch. new orleans, la

shadow sisters. denver, co


denver, co

new york, ny

new york, ny

new york, ny


stuffed animal head totem, south broadway. denver, co

beasts of new york & freeman alley bow. new york, ny & brooklyn, ny


new york, ny

cobalt flowerbearer. denver, co

new york, ny

nyc headhunters. brooklyn & new york, ny


flowerbearer, soho. new york, ny

flowerbearer (plant spirit). new orleans, la

candlebearer, soho. new york, ny

skeletal candlebearer. new york, ny

marie. brooklyn, ny

the rose twins. denver, co; portland, or; new york, ny


lady greys, red eyes. new york, ny & brooklyn, ny

the lady greys. denver, co

dash. paris, france & new york, ny

kate. london, england & new york, ny

jean-michel. new york, ny

lady with a unicorn. denver, co; portland, or; new york, ny; paris, france; london, england


feralia. brooklyn, ny

saint philomena, saint eulalia, saint agnes. new york, ny & brooklyn, ny

black & white madonnas. new york, ny; denver, co; brooklyn, ny

erzulie freda & erzulie dantor. new york, ny & brooklyn, ny

chloris. chicago, il & new york, ny

dead queen catherine. san francisco, ca; new york, ny; denver, co


new york, ny

comme des garçons, new york, ny

new york, ny

denver, co

bond street, new york, ny

queen catherine. denver, co; brooklyn, ny; paris, france

persephone. brooklyn, ny

hyena mother. denver, co & brooklyn, ny

new york, ny

cheyenne, wy


M's gold cat. denver, co

denver, co

cheyenne, wy

los angeles, ca

brooklyn, ny

brooklyn, ny

candy factory, new york, ny

new york, ny

clarion alley, san francisco, ca

chicago, il

chicago, il

denver, co

valencia wall, san francisco, ca

denver, co


denver, co

denver, co

monster family. denver, co

M x square, denver, co

denver, co

the thin veil between worlds. denver, co

denver, co


the green twins. denver, co

the king herself. denver, co

city twins. denver, co