University of Colorado at Boulder

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Bachelor of Arts, English Literature

Solo Exhibitions:

2024 (upcoming)

starlight, Gotham Depot Moto, Brooklyn, NY


the butterfly armoire, Leon Gallery, Denver, CO


beasts of burden, Leon Gallery, Denver, CO


bunny M, The Bakery, Denver, CO

Selected Group Exhibitions and Commissions:


One Square Foot, Redline Contemporary Art Center, Denver, CO

Outliers Ball, Leon Gallery, Denver, CO

Angriest Man in Brooklyn, Amelchenko Gallery, Sea Bright, NJ

electric candy machine, NINE dot ARTS, Denver, CO


twin flames, Hand-painted stop motion projection for the Denver Theatre District, Denver, CO


flower tower, Hand-painted stop motion projection for the Denver Theatre District, Denver, CO

the L flower mural, Mural for the L Denver, Denver, CO

The Ghost & The Scholar, Mural on Sculptural work at Citizen for NINE dot ARTS, Denver, CO

Deca Dance, Leon Gallery, Denver, CO


Art Clinic NYC, The Art Clinic, New York, NY


the beast of south broadway, Mural for Canopy, Denver, CO

Moniker Art Fair, New York, NY


the sun, Mural for Flux Recording Studios, New York, NY


flowers for westwood, Mural for BuCu West, Denver, CO

giant glitter bow, Mural for Colorado Department of Transportation, Denver, CO

You Are Beautiful, Galerie F, Chicago, IL

Art over Ads, Mtl en Arts, Montreal, QC, Canada


flower walls, Mural for Apollo Global Management, Denver, CO

the moon, Mural for Flux Recording Studios, New York, NY


bushwick snakes, Mural for 5Pointz Creates, Brooklyn, NY

medusa, Mural for The Bakery, Denver, CO


Dumbo Arts Festival, Brooklyn, NY

Quarterly Pulp, Masters Projects, Brooklyn, NY

21st Precinct, 21st Precinct Police Station, New York, NY

Lost Carcosa, Masters Projects, Brooklyn, NY

Outdoor Gallery NYC, 17 Frost Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Through the Looking Glass, The Gateway Project at Newark Penn Station, Newark, NJ


figure with two skulls, Mural for Denver Urban Arts Fund, Denver, CO


figure with griffin, Mural for jeweler Karen Karch, Gramercy Park atelier entrance, New York, NY


Retrofuturology, Observatory Room, Brooklyn, NY

Unveiled Underground, wheatpaste installation at Uncubed, Denver, CO

Artopia, Westword, Denver, CO

Selected Publications:

20 Striking Pieces of Street Art All New Yorkers Should See. Business Insider India, 2021.

Artwork featured in the film Janz in the Moment. Director: Joanna Kiernan, 2020.

Anderson, Corinne. Elusive Street Artist bunny M. 303 Magazine, 2019.

Bodin, Wesley. bunny M: 10 questions posées au artiste américain. Anous Paris, 2019.

Stein, Benjamin. Museum of Street Art: East Village. New York: MoSA Books, 2018.

Tapies, Xavier. Women Street Artists: The Complete Guide.  London: Graffito Books, 2017.

Litvin Yoav.  2Create: Art Collaborations in New York City.  Pennsylvania: Schiffer Books, 2016.

Artwork featured in the film The Angriest Man in Brooklyn. Director: Phil Alden Robinson, 2014.

Heller, Steven. Street Art’s Momentary Protest, Made Permanent. The Atlantic, 2014.

Litvin, Yoav.  Outdoor Gallery: New York City.  New York: Gingko Press, 2014.