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life & death.  acrylic on reclaimed wood panels (diptych), 21"x58" (each)

13 stuffed animal heads, series 1.  acrylic, bonded glitter, graphite, india ink on strathmore heavyweight board, 9"x9" (each)

stuffed animal #1.  acrylic and bonded glitter on paper, 68"x48"

lady with a unicorn.  limited edition letterpress print, 20"x10"

memory heads.  acrylic and graphite on paper, 34"x24" (each) 

party's over, gabrielle.  acrylic on wood panels (diptych), 48"x36" (each)

eve.  acrylic on wood panel, 48"x48"

skeletal candlebearer.  acrylic on paper, 72"x36"

dead queen catherine.  acrylic on paper, on wood panel, 60"x48"