medusa rooftop mural. 
denver, co

the rose twins.  denver, co; portland, or; new york, ny

lady greys, red eyes. 
new york city

the lady greys.

paris, france & new york, ny

london, england & new york, ny

new york, ny

saint philomena, saint eulalia, saint agnes. 
new york city

black & white madonnas.  new york, ny; denver, co; brooklyn, ny

erzulie freda & erzulie dantor.  new york, ny & brooklyn, ny

chloris.  chicago, il (photo credit: nice one); new york, ny; paris, france

champa mural collab with square.  denver, co

feralia.  brooklyn, ny

lady with a unicorn.  denver, co; portland, or; new york, ny; paris, france; london, england